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The MedTech Conference Blog is a go-to resource for industry insights, interviews, conference updates and more. With an engaged audience of thousands of medtech industry professionals, contributing a guest post is a great way to share your expertise with your peers. 


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Why contribute a guest blog?

Contributing a guest blog to is a great way to not only establish yourself and your organization as an industry thought leader, but to also give back to your peers by sharing valuable information and insights. By contributing to The MedTech Conference Blog, you'll also:

  • Showcase your thought leadership to thousands of medtech professionals
  • Increase brand awareness for your organization
  • Connect and engage with readers via comments and social media
  • Get a link back to your website (great for SEO!)

What should you write about?

Our goal for The MedTech Conference Blog is to share quality, timely, and insightful medtech content with our audience in an easy to digest way. The topics we feature also directly correlate with some of the programming we feature at The MedTech Conference every year. Topics you can write about include (but are not limited to!):

  • Leadership in medtech
  • Regulatory issues
  • Payment strategies and trends
  • Overcoming and complying to legal hurdles 
  • Quality compliance 
  • Regulatory compliance and health care compliance 
  • Business development to expand business opportunities
  • Sales and marketing to meet consumer needs
  • Research and development (R&D) to foster innovation and growth
  • Engineering for medical devices
  • Investor relations for emerging growth organizations
  • Manufacturing in the 21st century
  • Human resources in medtech organizations
  • ...and more!


Who is your audience?

When writing a guest blog post, you should keep a specific target audience in mind. To get a better sense of who you should be writing for, take a look at our audience breakdown for The MedTech Conference:

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