Programming Spotlight: Patient Pavilion at The MedTech Conference

Posted by Caroline Coulter on September 22, 2017

With three days until The MedTech Conference begins, it’s time to learn about the Patient Pavilion! At Booth #313, the Patient Pavilion will feature four sessions: Insights, Activation, Advocacy, and Engagement. All moderated by Rolf Benirshke, Co-CEO, Legacy Health Strategies, these sessions will educate on how to mobilize patients into care, keep them committed throughout treatments, and initiate brand advocates. As the world of healthcare is transforming, it is important to learn how to best optimize the patient experience.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.44.10 PM.png

Here's a quick look at the four sessions:

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Pioneering UK companies attend the MedTech Conference

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 21, 2017

A number of leading UK clinicians and pioneering medical companies will be visiting The MedTech Conference in a bid to forge lasting relationships and drive sales for UK products.

The mission, which is supported by the UK Government, aims to strengthen export links between the UK and San Jose and create demand for UK designed healthcare technologies.


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How to Debunk the Most Common CAPA Myths

Posted by Jon Speer | on September 21, 2017 post.png

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Many organizations misinterpret CAPA's role, often placing too much emphasis on tracking and managing the reaction to a non-conformance (corrective action) and not placing an equal, if not greater, amount of weight toward risk mitigation and assessment (preventive action).

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Contextual Intelligence: Getting to the “Issues Behind the Issues” on the Value of Medical Devices

Posted by Liz Scherer | 3D Communications on September 20, 2017

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For those who work in the medical device arena, talk of “being customer-centric” is all the rage – especially when it comes to placing a value on your product. But, in the medtech and pharmaceutical industries, the term “customer” refers to more than just the patient. It refers to all stakeholders – the diverse set of individuals, organizations, regulators, and policymakers who influence the perception of value, and eventually, the market access of your product.  So, when we think about “customer-centrizing” efforts around value communications, we need to consider every stakeholder who defines value.  A powerful process to achieve this is Contextual Intelligence or CI.

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The MedTech Conference Heads to Toronto in 2020

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 20, 2017

Exciting news from the AdvaMed team! The MedTech Conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario, in 2020 from October 5-7, marking the first time that the conference will be held outside of the U.S.


Thoughts from AdvaMed President and CEO Scott Whitaker: 

“Canada is becoming more and more of a medtech power each year,” said Scott Whitaker, president and CEO, AdvaMed. “The Canadian government’s Innovation Agenda and Ontario’s newly established Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist sent a strong signal that the country is open for business. We look forward to working with our local partners to showcase Toronto’s booming health technology ecosystem at The MedTech Conference in 2020.”


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Vote for the 2017 MedTech Innovator at The MedTech Conference!

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 20, 2017

The MedTech Conference and AdvaMed Accel are once again partnering with MedTech Innovator to host the MedTech Innovator Competition Finals, and we need your help to choose the winner! During the Tuesday afternoon plenary session, four finalist companies will present their technologies and compete for $500,000 in prizes and awards, which is where you come in: the competition finals are based on a live audience vote.

Cast Your Vote.png

MedTech Innovator just announce their finalists yesterday -- these four companies are developing innovative medical technologies in precision therapeutic dosing, next-generation surgical tools and systems, and in vitro diagnostics:

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Program Spotlight: Innovation Pavilion Sessions at The MedTech Conference

Posted by Caroline Coulter on September 19, 2017

Less than one week until we kick off the conference in San Jose - time to familiarize yourself with all of our programming!  This year our Innovation Pavilion is home to five sessions hosted by Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, which will help you reach your medical device goals, teach you how to think outside the laboratory, and much more.


Here's a run down of the sessions:

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How to Maximize Your Early Interactions with FDA: Perspectives from a Former CDRH Reviewer and Project Manager

Posted by Jamie Page | 3D Communications on September 14, 2017

Studio macro of a stethoscope and digital tablet with shallow DOF evenly matched abstract on wood table background copy space.jpeg

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As someone who spent the last seven years working at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), I can tell you that the underlying relationship between a company and its review division really matters – from submission, through a potential Advisory Committee meeting, and beyond. Taking the time to develop a good relationship with FDA, and doing it in a strategic way, can make the difference between a relatively smooth path to approval or a long, frustrating road ahead.

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Where to eat, drink, work out and spend your time in San Jose

Posted by Caroline Coulter on September 14, 2017

With only a week or two left before The MedTech Conference is underway, it’s time to start planning your time in San Jose. Don't show up to the airport without a plan of what you'd like to cover during your stay in Silicon Valley! From coffee and food to day trips and more, we’ve got you covered.

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The U.S. Medtech Industry's Irish Accent is Getting Stronger (part two)

Posted by Michael Lohan I IDA Ireland on August 29, 2017

Michael Lohan is Head of Medical Technology & Healthcare Services at IDA Ireland. In this role, he is an ambassador spreading the word about Ireland's opportunities to medtech and biotech companies around the world. IDA Ireland is proud to be a platinum sponsor of The Med Tech Conference since 2007. Come visit IDA Ireland at booth #323. In the second part of this two-part blog, Lohan concludes his discussion about why American medtech companies have been choosing Ireland as their European base of operations. View part one of this blog here


An industry with inexhaustible demand like medtech, where people always need innovative healthcare solutions, must also focus on business issues to maximize success. In the US, companies weigh the challenges of improving their R&D, yet expanding production efficiently, find qualified staff, navigate regulations and better reach key markets?   Many US medtech companies are looking to Ireland to solve these challenges. Addressing these concerns is why 13 of the top 15 U.S. medtech companies have chosen facilities in Ireland, with more than 300 medtech companies currently doing business in the country, up from 50 in 1993.



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