Early-stage medtech venture investment is up, driven by digitally-enabled diagnostics. But is the market ready?

Posted by Sonal Shah | Deloitte Center for Health Solutions on February 26, 2018

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In my role with the Center for Health Solutions, I spend a fair amount of time researching technology and exploring the impact new medical devices could have on the health care sector. I generally don’t get much first-hand experience with medical devices. That recently changed.

When I told my primary care doctor about some odd sensations I had been feeling in my chest, he suggested a remote monitoring device that plugs right into my smartphone. Anytime I experienced this feeling in my chest, no matter where I was, I could put my fingers on the device and it would transmit an EKG reading directly to my doctor. He could then track patterns and get to the bottom of my symptoms. This type of remote monitoring is far more effective at diagnosing arrhythmia than having a patient travel to a doctor’s office periodically for an EKG test—not to mention the time and expense this device could save both the doctor and the patient.

Given its potential to more accurately diagnose patients and improve health outcomes, it is not surprising that digitally-enabled diagnostics like this one have been attracting venture capital investments.

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Social Media Recap: The MedTech Conference Day 3

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 27, 2017

We hope you enjoyed the last day of The MedTech Conference, and your time in San Jose. Below are some social media highlights from Day 3:

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Social Media Recap: The MedTech Conference Day 2

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 26, 2017

 The MedTech Conference continued today with inspirational and insightful speeches, and plenty of opportunities to check out some of the newest medical technologies. 

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the day's best moments: 

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Social Media Recap: The MedTech Conference Day 1

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 25, 2017

The MedTech Conference is officially underway! Day 1 was packed with educational programming, technology demonstrations and networking with peers from across the world.

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Join in on the first #MedTechInnovator Twitter Chat of 2017

Posted by Lauren Belisle on June 22, 2017

Updated June 29, 2017: Did you miss the chat referenced below? Check out our summary/recap here: #MedTechInnovator Twitter Chat: June 27, 2017.


One of the things we love is using the conference as a connector - when we see people meeting new prospective partners, investors, employers and more, that's what tells us everything we do all year round is worth it! But, The MedTech Conference is only three days long, and there's much more we can do year-round to drive connections throughout the medical technology ecosystem.




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Who got social at The Digital MedTech Conference

Posted by Jessie Fairbanks on March 9, 2017

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The Digital MedTech Conference was held March 2nd in San Francisco, California. Not only were many of our attendees learning about digital health, but they were also getting digitally engaged by interacting via Twitter, using our conference hashtag, #DigitalMedTech.

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The future of digitized health [The Digital MedTech Conference Recap Part 6]

Posted by Carly Dell on March 9, 2017

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In our final panel session of the day, Health Connections: Digitizing Consumers and Patients, we explored how technology innovation and convergence - wearables, in vivo diagnostics, mobile, and more - are driving a data revolution and delivering virtual care.

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A look at cognitive health and its potential impact [The Digital MedTech Conference Recap Part 5]

Posted by Carly Dell on March 9, 2017

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Following the lunch keynote session, we explored how new data streams, sophisticated analytics, and cutting-edge cognitive computing are enhancing and assisting decision-making in today’s digital health landscape during The Future of Health is Cognitive panel session.

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What it takes to succeed as a digital health startup today [The Digital MedTech Conference Recap Part 4]

Posted by Carly Dell on March 9, 2017

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During lunch, not only did attendees get to eat, but they also got to take part in our lunch keynote discussion: Evidation Health - A Startup Case Study in Innovation.

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How does FDA plan to address the digital health industry? [The Digital MedTech Conference Recap Part 3]

Posted by Carly Dell on March 9, 2017

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Following a conversation that touched heavily upon the need for better FDA regulation for digital health technologies was our regulatory panel session: Regulating at the Speed of Innovation - FDA Pre-Check for Software Development.

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