An Early Stage Company at The MedTech Conference: Innoblative Designs Case Study

Posted by Jessie Fairbanks on April 7, 2017

At The MedTech Conference, many attendees visit the conference with one key goal: business development. We caught up with Innoblative Designs' CEO and Co-Founder, Tyler Wanke, to explore and showcase his organization's impressive business development success at The MedTech Conference with hopes of helping other companies find similar success, no matter what stage they may be.


Some key takeaways from Tyler Wanke to help you drive your business development efforts at the conference:

  • Use MedTech Connect to schedule meetings with potential investors and partners
  • Connect with service providers in the exhibit hall
  • Network with other early-stage companies to share best practices and lessons learned
  • Participate in the MedTech Innovator Showcase (if possible!) 
  • Attend networking events and activities

One of the keys to the success of Wanke and his team at the conference? “We came in with a clear vision of what we wanted to see and do at the conference,” Wanke said.

Ready to dive deeper and learn more about how you can learn and replicate Wanke's business development success? Read our Case Study to help develop your own vision for what your early stage company can accomplish at The MedTech Conference, or learn more about business development activities at The MedTech Conference

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Written by Jessie Fairbanks

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