Make Your Case for Attending The Digital MedTech Conference

Posted by Carly Dell on February 9, 2017


We hope you'll join us on March 2, 2017 at The Digital MedTech Conference. We have an incredible agenda and compelling speakers that will share their thoughts during the one-day conference in San Francisco. 

That being said, we also understand that in order to get approval to spend the day engaging with and learning from some of the industry's most progressive and influential experts, you'll likely need to justify the costs, both opportunity and financial.If you find yourself in this position, we have good news: we're here to help! We know that attending The Digital MedTech Conference will be a very valuable experience, and we want to give you all the tools needed to ensure you can attend.

Below, we've laid out resources that can be utilized to help make your case for attending. Included are talking points, a letter template and additional resources.

Talking points

When discussing with leadership and peers why it’s crucial you don’t miss The Digital MedTech Conference, it’s helpful to have a set of talking points to help those who are unfamiliar with the conference understand what you will experience, learn, and gain from attending.

The ever-changing digital space

New regulations, trends, consumer expectations, and more can add up to a constant state of fluctuation in our industry. But, remaining fluid and nimble when managing different teams, budgets, and more can make it hard to balance and push new products and ideas forward. The conference programming and experts will help you understand and build strategies for tackling an industry that moves so fast.

The value in networking

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with some of the most forward-thinking experts within the digital health space and share ideas, experiences, and thoughts on the future of our industry.

Take time out of the office to refresh

There’s something to be said for taking a day out of the office in a different environment to think about your current and future work. You’re likely to return to the office feeling refreshed and reenergized to tackle big ideas and even bigger projects.

Be a part of the community

Join the digital medtech community to discuss the future of the industry, share ideas, and develop solutions for key challenges. You will be engaging with of some of the industry's most passionate and dedicated digital medtech innovators from the Bay Area and throughout the AdvaMed community.

Business development

If you are an investor looking for the next big product in digital health or a leader of an emerging company looking to raise its next round of funding, you can explore strategic partnerships and uncover new business development opportunities in digital medtech. 


The conference packs a serious punch for content in just one day. You’ll be sure to leave with new ideas, strategies, and connections that could have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line, making your ticket a worthy investment.

Additional Resources

For additional information on the conference that will help you justify attending The Digital MedTech Conference, explore these resources:

Conference one-page overview 


Travel and conference center information


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Written by Carly Dell

Carly Dell manages marketing for The MedTech Conference.