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Liz Scherer is a seasoned communications executive, bringing to 3D more than 25 years of experience in strategic communications across multiple functions in pharma – from R&D and Regulatory to Marketing and Commercialization.  Liz will join 3D’s Value Communications for Market Access team, leveraging her cross-functional expertise and ability to lead projects with the goal in mind.  Liz works to identify, develop, and align messaging and communications across company functions and throughout a product’s lifecycle.  She has worked directly with scientists and clinicians on FDA advisory committee projects, developed stakeholder strategy programs, and created business development roadmaps. Prior to joining 3D, Liz headed two creative digital consultancies, and was a health reporter and medical writer.

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Contextual Intelligence: Getting to the “Issues Behind the Issues” on the Value of Medical Devices

Posted by Liz Scherer | 3D Communications on September 20, 2017

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For those who work in the medical device arena, talk of “being customer-centric” is all the rage – especially when it comes to placing a value on your product. But, in the medtech and pharmaceutical industries, the term “customer” refers to more than just the patient. It refers to all stakeholders – the diverse set of individuals, organizations, regulators, and policymakers who influence the perception of value, and eventually, the market access of your product.  So, when we think about “customer-centrizing” efforts around value communications, we need to consider every stakeholder who defines value.  A powerful process to achieve this is Contextual Intelligence or CI.

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