Until We Update Archaic Health Laws, We're Only Scratching the Surface of What's Possible in Value-Based Medicine

Posted by Christopher L. White, Esq. on July 12, 2017

Note: this blog post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on February 28, 2017.

Medical technology companies have long been recognized for their life-saving contributions to diagnosing and treating patients – from medical imaging to genetic testing to implantable devices. In fact, medical technology advances are credited with helping to add five years to the average U.S. life expectancy since 1980 and slashing the number of days spent in hospitals by 59 percent between 1980 and 2010. The newest medtech innovations are truly astounding, from the use of 3D printing of tissue to diagnostics linked to smartphones, to innovations in medical robotics and nanotechnology. 

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Time to Change the Definition of Value in Medtech

Posted by Brian Chapman | ZS on June 15, 2017
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Ethical Codes Bolster an Industry’s Public Perception

Posted by Matt Wetzel on June 8, 2017

Note: this blog post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on February 14, 2017.

A commitment to the core values of patient care and innovation serves as medtech’s heartbeat.  The people who work in the medtech industry are committed to delivering high-quality care and good patient outcomes every day. They understand that what they do has a direct and positive impact on patients’ lives. They understand that their work contributes to the development of breakthrough technology. And they understand that the products they make could one day be used to save or improve the life of a loved one.  

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Reflections On the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision Limiting Use of the False Claims Act

Posted by Matt Wetzel on May 30, 2017

Note: this blog post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on January 11, 2017. 

In reflecting on 2016 legal developments, a key health law case that stands out is the Supreme Court’s decision endorsing the implied certification theory of the False Claims Act (Universal Health Services v. Escobar). Contrary to many press outlets, Universal Health Services will not serve – in 2017 and onward – to pave the way for more whistleblower suits. In fact, the Court’s decision raises the bar for whistleblowers, and its practical impact will be to restrict the use of the False Claims Act.


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Incubators could help medtech innovators hatch new products…and get them to market

Posted by Sarah Thomas | Deloitte Services LP on May 10, 2017

Incubators Blog Post.png

This post is brought to you by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions

To improve health care, it often makes sense to invest in innovations that build upon existing technologies and new approaches that address the many health conditions for which there are no effective treatments. Innovations that reduce costs and morbidity are especially welcome.

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Accomplishing Your Business Development Goals at The MedTech Conference

Posted by Lauren Belisle on May 9, 2017
The MedTech Conference BD Cover.png

Between happy hours, events, meetings, LinkedIn messages, Twitter DMs and so much more, the number of opportunities for professional networking can be overwhelming and downright unruly.

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Medical Device Companies: Your Biggest Risk May Offer Your Best Opportunity

Posted by Nancy Schwalje Travis on April 25, 2017

Note: this blog post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on February 1, 2017. 

When I talk with medical device companies with global business interests in my work as Vice President for International Compliance at AdvaMed (the Advanced Medical Technology Association) about their concerns, ensuring a high standard of ethics while working with distributors is always in the top three.  Most companies, large and small, use distributors to access overseas markets, for a number of reasons: economies of scale, familiarity with local laws and customs, and simple language advantages. 

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Two Major Privacy Challenges Facing Medtech Companies

Posted by Christopher L. White, Esq. on April 18, 2017

Note: this blog post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on April 18, 2017. 


I recently sat down with Peter Blenkinsop, a Partner at DrinkerBiddle, an expert on data privacy and one of the panelists at our upcoming GMTCC Conference (Amsterdam, May 3-4), to get his take on the biggest privacy law challenges currently facing Medtech companies.


Peter pointed to two trends that are changing the Medtech sector and provided insight on how privacy and data protection laws may impact those trends:


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