The MedTech Conference Day 2 Recap -  Evolving Innovation & Patient Centricity in Medtech

Posted by EIU Healthcare on September 27, 2017

As the medical technology landscape continues to rapidly evolve, new vehicles for innovation are taking center stage, ranging from big data and artificial intelligence to cognitive learning. Separating all the information around these new technologies and understanding the realities of the implications they hold for the industry has never been more important. In particular, the role that innovation can play in refocusing conversations around the patient experience and patient engagement is critical.

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The MedTech Conference Day 2 - Photo Highlights

Posted by Carly Dell on September 27, 2017

We hope you had a great second day at the conference! Check out some photo highlights from the day two, including many shots from our plenary sessions.

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Social Media Recap: The MedTech Conference Day 2

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 26, 2017

 The MedTech Conference continued today with inspirational and insightful speeches, and plenty of opportunities to check out some of the newest medical technologies. 

Keep reading for a rundown of some of the day's best moments: 

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The MedTech Conference Day 1 - Photo Highlights

Posted by Carly Dell on September 26, 2017

Day 1 at The MedTech Conference is a wrap! Check out some photo highlights from the first day at the conference (and from our International Reception last night!).

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The MedTech Conference Day 1 Recap – Enhancing Value in Medical Technology

Posted by EIU Healthcare on September 26, 2017

A major theme across today’s sessions and reflected throughout The MedTech Conference this year is around the future of medical technology and its evolution in global markets. From growth opportunities, to the role of specific innovations, to developments in value based healthcare, the medical technology industry clearly sees both challenges and solutions in terms of local market dynamics, evolving regulations and trend towards patient-centric value.

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Social Media Recap: The MedTech Conference Day 1

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 25, 2017

The MedTech Conference is officially underway! Day 1 was packed with educational programming, technology demonstrations and networking with peers from across the world.

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Programming Spotlight: Patient Pavilion at The MedTech Conference

Posted by Caroline Coulter on September 22, 2017

With three days until The MedTech Conference begins, it’s time to learn about the Patient Pavilion! At Booth #313, the Patient Pavilion will feature four sessions: Insights, Activation, Advocacy, and Engagement. All moderated by Rolf Benirshke, Co-CEO, Legacy Health Strategies, these sessions will educate on how to mobilize patients into care, keep them committed throughout treatments, and initiate brand advocates. As the world of healthcare is transforming, it is important to learn how to best optimize the patient experience.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.44.10 PM.png

Here's a quick look at the four sessions:

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Pioneering UK companies attend the MedTech Conference

Posted by Lauren Belisle on September 21, 2017

A number of leading UK clinicians and pioneering medical companies will be visiting The MedTech Conference in a bid to forge lasting relationships and drive sales for UK products.

The mission, which is supported by the UK Government, aims to strengthen export links between the UK and San Jose and create demand for UK designed healthcare technologies.


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How to Debunk the Most Common CAPA Myths

Posted by Jon Speer | on September 21, 2017 post.png

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Many organizations misinterpret CAPA's role, often placing too much emphasis on tracking and managing the reaction to a non-conformance (corrective action) and not placing an equal, if not greater, amount of weight toward risk mitigation and assessment (preventive action).

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Contextual Intelligence: Getting to the “Issues Behind the Issues” on the Value of Medical Devices

Posted by Liz Scherer | 3D Communications on September 20, 2017

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For those who work in the medical device arena, talk of “being customer-centric” is all the rage – especially when it comes to placing a value on your product. But, in the medtech and pharmaceutical industries, the term “customer” refers to more than just the patient. It refers to all stakeholders – the diverse set of individuals, organizations, regulators, and policymakers who influence the perception of value, and eventually, the market access of your product.  So, when we think about “customer-centrizing” efforts around value communications, we need to consider every stakeholder who defines value.  A powerful process to achieve this is Contextual Intelligence or CI.

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